This blog records the success and failure of my ambition to have my five Laverda’s road legal by the 31st December 2012.

I’ve been riding Laverda’s since 1987 when I bought a 1981 Jota. I rode that into the ground and ‘graduated’ to an RGA Jota which went the same way in 2009. Along the way my RGS just got so grotty it was laid up in the garage and its place taken by my current transport a 1989 Atlas. Lurking is a 1955 Turismo which I rode to Breganze in 2009 along with Cor Dees, Gido Lodders and Dean Young to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Laverda.

My main claim to fame is that I still ride my Laverda’s most days to do the 110 round trip to work – recently I got a Honda VFR that does ‘standby’ duty but go out to the M4 and most days you’ll see a slightly used Atlas battling its way through the traffic.

My approach to motorcycles is never to fix what isn’t broken. Laverda’s fit with this philosophy perfectly in that they keep going despite their owners…

Nick Smile

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