Week 13: 19th March

Started off on Monday with the new throttle cable – a ‘Featherlite’ item from Venhill http://www.venhill.co.uk/ . What a transformation over the old unit which had started to fray. It made the inclination to rev the bike to 7,000 rpm even more likely but also allowed finer adjustment of the tickover which I set at just 1,000 rpm for a couple of days before deciding this was too low and went back to 1,500 rpm.

Problems hit on Thursday morning went the bike wouldn’t start due to a sprag that wouldn’t engage. Totally fed up I did get into the garage after the VFR day and stripped it down again. What I found was that the plungers had got stuck in their bores? Further investigation suggests the plungers are being crushed against the bungs at the bottom of the Leo Zimmerman made sprag. I had spare springs but not plungers or rollers so spent a good hour stoning the bottom of the plungers to take out the ‘flare’ and checked each one to ensure it slid smoothly in its bore. The rollers are scuffed but went back in and it works again – but for how long I wonder?

Anyway just when you think everything is fine on the way to work the bike misfires and goes onto one cylinder. I carried on into the London rush hour which was ‘interesting’ on a 300cc single and similarly limped home. Investigation showed the pickup wire had been damaged – probably when I fitted Tom’s shock the other week and twisting a few wires back together solved the problem – for now.

I’m waiting for Volker from Sachse http://www.elektronik-sachse.de/index_en.htm  to let me know how much for a new pickup plate and wires.


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