Week 15: 2nd April

Well a Bank Holiday weekend and little progress to report. I was full of good intentions but got distracted by a visit to the garden centre and friends down in the New Forest. Still this poor showing in the garage was a reaction to a week of trouble free commuting on the Atlas, which is at last showing signs of settling into a trouble free routine again.

I saw a post on the Laverdaforum from Bob Dixon looking for an alternative to the Atlas sprag which isn’t up to the job of starting his Atlas based racer. I will watch this with interest as I agree with Bob that the sprag just isn’t up to the job. Reading this reminded me that I have no more 10.3mm rollers so I’ve sent an email to Leo Zimmerman to see how much for a couple of sets.

I changed the oil (Morris 20/50), and adjusted the chain, and while I did so took the opportunity to run the VFR up to full operating temperature and adjust the back brake on the Turismo – and you thought multi-tasking was something only women can do!

I’ve ordered a new chain (530 o ring, 110 links including the spring link) for next weekend and also sent off €34 to Volker Sachse in Germany who unexpectedly had posted a replacement ignition back plate and wiring loom (see last week). How’s that for service, I hadn’t got round to finalising the order and it turns up on the doorstep. The other discovery with regards to the ignition was the feature that it switches itself off if the bike isn’t started in three minutes – very useful when you forget to turn the bike off and come back the next day…to a charged battery 🙂

Roll on another trouble free week and perhaps progress on the RGS…

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