Week 16: 9th April

Well not too much to report other than I rode the Atlas over to the ILOC AGM on Sunday. It was a bright but cold day. Zipping through the Cotswold backroads put the Atlas in its element and everything was good with the world.

The meeting was well attended with a lot of interesting bikes on display. So often you just see standard or restored Laverda’s these days but the variety and innovation on display was heartening. I even got to chat to Phil Todd who showed interest in the Atlas (tho’ slight dismay at the knackered chain and sprockets it is running…).

Pictures can be viewed at: https://skydrive.live.com/redir.aspx?cid=f64edf0f3e16c834&resid=F64EDF0F3E16C834!1775&parid=roothttp://

I didn’t come away empty handed either as I picked up a foam air filter for my RGS or RGA. I already use one of these and they don’t wear out (unless you clean them with an spray can cleaner) so should be a useful investment.

Disappointment did greet the start of the week when the Atlas failed to start after the Easter layoff. The battery seemed to have been hit by a combination of cold mornings and not being started for four days. This whole starting issue is getting to me….

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