Week 17: 16th April

Time to change the chain and rear sprocket. At the ILOC AGM last week I left with the advice ringing in my ears from none other than Phil Todd – though in fairness to myself the sprocket was on the bench and the chains in the post. As you can see I like to get value for money out of my running gear…

The sprocket was replaced by a 41 tooth item (42 is stock) that is listed as 3 teeth over stock for a Ducati Pantah. I’m pleased to have found an easily available replacement. I was also pleased to find that the replacement spacers I’d had made up held the wheel perfectly and there appears to be no play in the cush or wheel bearings.

What pleased me less was that the chain came 2 links longer than I ordered. I didn’t find this out until I’d fitted the chain so it was out with the Dremmel…It was only once I’d got it down to 108 links that it then hit me that of course the smaller rear sprocket will also require a smaller chain. The wheel is therefore right back on its adjusters but I thought I’d go for this as when I had the wheel a long way forward it fouled the mudguard. I think therefore I’ll run it like this and when it gets a bit of stretch take out another link.

Finally my inspection showed the back tyre is shot so that’s next weekend taken care of…

A further piece of Atlas miscellany came to me during some idle time over the week. In the Ainscoe Laverda book there is a picture of an early Atlas at a show. A Mark 1 with the exhaust on the left side of the motor no less (and a fork brace just above the tyre so under the mudguard). Wonder why it went into production with the exhausts on the right necessitating them to pass under the carb’ to link up to the silencer? I wonder if the final versions were merely using up left over stock from the original prototype run – so rather than this costing more to produce actually represented a saving?

Starting has been poor again this week but the sprag has held up. I know I ought to check the valve clearences but the last thing I want to do take off the cam cover and find problems. A pathetic head in the sand approach but one that has to stand while I wait to get my RGS back on the road and therefore have a Laverda contingency. On this score I must say the ILOC AGM gave me some inspiration – all those triples made me think how much better life could be….

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