Week 18: 23rd April

Thank heavens for rain!

It has been a wet week but more importantly it has rained all weekend. So nothing else to do than mooch around in the garage…

I’m planning to attend the ILOC Scottish rally next weekend so had a few jobs to do around the Atlas. First off I fitted a new rear – normally I get them fitted at the shop but this time round had to get the levers out myself! I haven’t fitted a tyre (aside from the 100’s but then that’s like a bicycle) in over 20 years but it proved relatively straightforward. I did it in two stages when I tired (sic) on the Friday evening and finished the job next morning. Top tip is to get a set of plastic rim guards – you can wield the levers with far more confidence.

I also freed the choke return with WD40. However despite this and a fully charged battery the damned thing struggled to start having been stood for two days. It eventually coughed in to life and I left it to run to put some heat in the engine. I noticed that the engine is now smoking slightly – so those bores and valves have seen some wear. In my planning for Scotland I got Slater to send me some more springs and plungers which will be packed just in case…

The weather allowed me to turn my attention towards the RGS. I stripped the master cylinder and front brake caliphers. I’d swollen the seals using citreon hydraulic fluid so it all had to be cleaned through. I also touched up some of the frame and started cleaning years of dirt off the front wheel – my idea being that it won’t be immaculate but why not make what I have look as good as can be.

Despite the reluctant Atlas the weekend was a success in terms of helping me to get back onto the RGS. If I can get this going then it’ll free up the Atlas a little and allow me to try and sort out that starting.

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