Week 20: 7th May

Well the trip to Scotland came to an end on Monday at 20.00 when we pulled into home.

On Tuesday I got the broken pillion footrest welded for a tenner. Job done and not sure if I’ll try and get a replacement or whether I will just ride about with the battle scar to remind me of a fabulous trip to Scotland. All those scrapes and dents tell a story hey?

I was in two minds about taking the Atlas to work on Wednesday but thought ‘what the hell’ but had my doubts as it limped in to life…Sure enough that evening the starter sprag packed in and I had to face the humiliation of being bump started by my work colleagues. Once running it was fine and I even rode over to Basingstoke to pick up some Jota handlebars for a friend in Texas – just left it ticking over as I chatted to the seller and looked at his collection of bikes (as you do).

Two VFR days followed….

Made some progress on the RGS. I had a tool made up to put the piston seal into the master cylinder. I was in no hurry so decided to get a hollow punch made up (50mmx20mm length of bar with a 16mm bore sunk to 30mm) – cost me just £5 from the local machine shop and saved a load of hassle!

Just in from the garage after I’d changed the Atlas oil and fixed the sprag once again. This time the strip down revealed damaged springs and one plunger shattered. Despite renewing the springs and the damaged plunger the bike limped in to life…I have an email out about a Zane sprag clutch that I believe Bob Dixon has used – I doubt the Atlas will last the week…

Nick 😦

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