Week 22: 21st May

What a week – the Atlas limped into life on Monday morning but needed a bump to get home. Sick and tired of this so slung it in the back of the garage and spent the rest of the week on the VFR!

The roadworthiness test is looming so it was back into the garage on Friday to start going over the bike. Front tyre needs to be fitted, horn worked (surprise), indicators AWOL (no surprise) – speedo still out of order but then that isn’t an MOT check so no worries..and finally I had to admit the headstock bearings were knocking and the knock couldn’t be adjusted out – that means dropping the forks which I wasn’t lookig forward to.

It was roasting hot all weekend so I took the work in stages. First off I put the Atlas on a box (no centre stand), removed the front wheel (checked the front pads which are worn but within limits) and then set about the forks.

At first I thought I might be able to get away without removing the handlebar fairing but in the end decided it was easier with it off. It wasn’t so bad once I had the top yoke off and the ridged bearing races revealed…

Re-assembly worked out fine and provided the opportunity to look at the various cable and wiring runs which needed tidying up from the last time (yes did this when I first got the bike but because I let the bearings go slack here I am just two years on repeating the process again). I also adjusted the throttle cable which I’d made too tight and had been raising the revs on full lock. I decided that as I’d have to re-tighten the bearings later on I’d leave the fairing off for 500 miles.

Forks assembled it just left the front tyre. I went for this at 8.00 on Sunday morning to avoid the heat and compared to the rear tyre it was a doddle…however in future I will only buy tyres from a shop that’ll fit for free.

So all assembled bar putting the tank back on and I wondered if I was suffering from poor earth’s on the starting side – I’d seen a post about starting an RGS on the Laverdaforum and Keith Nairn’s advice had stuck. Well cleaned the earth point and tightened the battery terminals and bingo!

Let’s see if it holds out next week…

Nick 🙂

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