Week 25: 11th June

This week has been fairly uneventful. I suppose it was a case of recovering from the French rally.

A positive thing was to richen up the pilot settings. Tom Eatman had commented that he set his at 4.5 to 5 turns out so when I checked over the electrics I checked and found mine to be just 3. The 1.5 turns seems to have made a difference although I am still learning what the best setting is for starting as full choke seems too much.

In addition I got some new spiral clips for the sidepanel screw and sorted the right hand panel which now has both screws back – it lost one in France.

The good news was that the Atlas completed a clean week into Lonon – there haven’t been too many of these recently. Rather worryingly I thought the engine smelt a bit ‘hot’ and was noisey in the top end. Checking the oil found it off the dipstick and it took a full 2 litres to bring it back. Fingers crossed it isn’t damaged (too much).

Nick 🙂

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