Week 26: 18th June

All hands to the pump to try and get the 100 ready for next week’s Natonal Rally.

First off however the Atlas starting has improved (slightly) but threw up a surprise when the clutch lever pivot bolt tried to break free on the M4! I managed to get to the hardshoulder and tap the pin back in and retain it with a bent paperclip. I fixed this with some bearing lock so fingers crossed it stays put!

The 100 preparation centred around getting the lights to work. I spent a couple of nights during the week with the wiring out. Phone calls to Dean in the New Forest helped me to get an understanding of the 6 volt flywheel magneto setup and I spent much of the time between Didcot and London thinking it through.

Getting the lights to work was pretty straightforward the challenge was to get the lights and brake light to work. The magneto puts out just 21 watts and the headlight wants 25W and the tail light 5W so asking it to support the 25W brake light won’t happen. I pondered it for some time before arriving at the solution which was to take the brake light out altogether and power it with a 6 volt torch battery. The brake light is only on the back brake so I think it will last the 540 miles of the National Rally next weekend.

As part of the preparation I installed a new bicycle speedo, a manual route reader, light switch which I wrapped in old inner tube in case of rain, re-routed the clutch cable and finally ran an additional wire along the frame so that in the event of the lights failing I could wire them all up to the torch battery.

It was fun preparing the bike. Before next weekend I have to go round the whole thing and make sure all the nuts and bolts are tight – last year I lost the nut off the end of the swinging arm!

Nick 🙂

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