Week 27: 25th June

This week was the National Rally weekend. Go to the ‘Trips’ section to read the full report of the Special Gold attempt – that’s 540 miles and 22 checkpoints in 20 hours on the Laverda 100.

Some additional background was the work that had to go into making the bike roadworthy. The main issue was getting the lights to work and then getting the brake light to work at the same time as the lights are on. The problem is that the generator only puts out 21 watts and the headlight beam alone is 25! The solution was a 6 volt torch battery hidden in the tool box.

The lights were a big consideration as they have failed in the last two attempts. I got the lights running well and in additional ran an auxillary line so that should they fail I could plumb all the lights into the 6 volt battery – you can see a spare wire just above the crankcases.

The forks almost cost me my roadworthiness test as the bushes have a lot of wear. Lucky the tester got slightly distracted by the over tight headstock bearings and I think he wanted to give it a ticket so said the worn bushes were ‘advisory’…

Nick 🙂

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