Week 29: 9th July

No VFR days this week as the Atlas rolled in and out of London with no issues…other than an oily fog when I came to a halt at traffic lights. The homemade gasket was not quite doing its job so Saturday morning was taken up cutting out a fresh one. I took my time with this and ended up with something that was a lot neater and hopefully oil tight. Time will tell.

While I was fiddling with the Atlas I also decided to take a look at the rear brake pads which the MOT man had suspected were low. Hmmm barely any pad material left on ’em and luckily I had a new set on the shelf so job done!

Didn’t need to go into the alternator casing but did manage to get some hardened washers for the idler gear from the local KTM shop. Not sure where these shims go in a KTM engine but they’re just the ticket!

There’s a few things that need attention on the Atlas – head bearings seem to have loosened off, headlamp fairing needs to go on, indicators don’t work and the bolt holding the clutch lever needs a nut. All small beer and hopefully I can just get on and ride it for a few months now.

Put a bit of focus on the RGS. Checked to see if the brake light works and it doesn’t – damn not sure why this is the case but suspect it’ll be linked to a poor earth. I’ll have to spend time over the week with the multi-meter checking this out. I also got to start cleaning it some more – there is lots of damage cased by road salt and brake fluid which has lifted the frame paint. Aside from the brake light and touching in the frame there didn’t ought to be a whole lot to do to get this roadworthy…

Finally sent off a piston to help with the Jota crank balancing.

Nick šŸ™‚

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