Week 31: 23rd July

Having given up on the Atlas….just a four day week ahead of me and couldn’t find an obvious problem took a hassle free VFR week.

Riding the VFR was fun – just roll it out of the garage and it whirrs away going as fast or as slow as you desire. The only problem was coming home one evening and having to battle through the rush hour traffic with one lane closed due to non-existent Olympic traffic. The heat the V4 gives off isn’t normally noticed but stuck in the traffic with 114 degrees ain’t fun!

The other thing I have noticed is the wear on the front tyre – it isn’t illegal but there is a definate edge on the right hand side of the tyre where it is up against the road camber for much of the time. Worse than with a triple you have a window of maybe 5,000 kms where everything is fine handling wise but then you brace yourself for sloppy handling for the remaing 5,000 of tyre life.
Still at the moment its Honda 1 Laverda 0

Nick 😦

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