Week 38: 10th Sept

Took the crank to local engineering firm to be welded up. Discussed the idea of using the existing thread and again had this idea agreed. No hurry and as it is a cash job hope to get it back in a month or so.

A routine week spoiled by a puncture on Friday.

I didn’t notice it until I went to push the bike out onto the street and there it was. I remembered the previous evening finding it difficult to free wheel down the hill to home as I do most evenings.

Saturday morning I decided to go at it with the tyre levers – how difficult can it be. We actually pretty damn difficult is the answer. I had to put the tyre in a vice to break the bead and despite putting three levers to work thought ‘sod it’ and took it to the local bike shop. A new tube and £27 later we were back in business.

Nick 🙂

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