Week 43: 15th October

A week spent commuting on the VFR…I seem to have fallen into a very convenient habit.

Took time on Sunday to start back on the Atlas. I’d been wondering if the slow starting was in some way connected with the alternator cover so it had to come apart. Before dismantling it I also decided that it needed a clean. I reasoned that if it isn’t going to work anytime soon then leaving it covered in road grim wasn’t going to help any so out with a bucket of soapy water – cleaned the Turismo while I was at as well.

Taking off the alternator cover revealed no issues there but I can see that the Zane sprag clutch means that the main gear wheel rubs up against the balance shaft sprocket. This happens because although I have spaced out the bearing the spacer doesn’t actually stop the gear wheel end play (my poor design). Monday morning I’ll be taking it down the machine shop to get a 3mm spacer made with a 43mm OD. Fingers crossed I’ve found the problem.

While I was looking at the bike I decided to carry on with the Honda GL1000 starter solenoid. I used the original solenoid case and cut the side out of it and made the two edges into guides. The solenoid slipped over these guides just like it would on the Gold Wing – job neatly done. On the topic of solenoids I got another for a Kawasaki Z750 – same fittings, probably the same damned thing. Just shows no need to spend £60 on a Bosch original when a better part can be had on ebay brand new for less than £15!

Talking of ebay I got tipped off that there were a pair of Atlas wheels on ebay – £100 the pair bargain!

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