Week 46: 4th November

Picked up a load of bearings for the 100’s. I don’t need any at this time but I’m happy to have a set on the shelf. Picked up sets though for Tom, Scott and Dean. Bearings came out at the same price as two years ago and are the same brass cage Hoffman’s. These are old stock so once they’re gone they’re gone.

Spent Saturday and Sunday getting the Atlas ready to go. New cables went on fine as did the re-conditioned starter. When it came to start however despite turning over well enough – nothing. Good spark so I suspected a blocked carb. Took this off and cleaned it through but still nothing…Decided enough was enough once the choke cable began to fray meaning I couldn’t refit it and then the petrol pipe split! I was annoyed and I know that’s the time to walk away.

I pushed the bike into the garage and have now resolved to focus on the RGS. The year is nearly up and I am feeling really down on my Laverda stable. RGA still to be dismantled. RGS dismantled but grotty as hell. Jota – being reassembled but can’t go forward until the crank is repaired. Atlas a reluctant participant. That just leaves the 100 which is a pitiful reflection.

Thank god I bought the Honda which is likely to be my main transport until next spring.

Nick 😦

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