Week 47: 11th November

Damn the Atlas finally started!

I spent a bit of time during the week pulling the carb’ apart and ordered up a gasket set – £50 + for a DHLA but this is cheap compared to the £200 Dellorto UK asked to strip and clean it for me (and this didn’t include any jets/parts)!

I thought I’d found a split diaphram but in the light on Sunday morning this proved not to be the case. Undeterred I pressed on and took out and cleaned all the jets + replaced the gaskets and diaphram. I got some useful advice from the posting  http://elthamracing.wordpress.com/how-to-rebuild-dellorto-sidedrafts/ The only problem I encountered was with the pump jets which you have to get in the right position for them to go home. I eventualy ended up pushing and turning them with the end of a paperclip until they went home!

I’d got some fresh petrol pipe and a set of new plugs. With some trepidation I hooked up the battery and pressed. It spun okay but wouldn’t fire. A check on the battery showed it had 12.10 volts – a bit low. I had another charged item installed this and pumped a few times and bingo! Let it run for a while and then restarted it just to check it wasn’t a fluke.

I used the pump priming method as many Laverdisti recommend this approach as using the choke raises the compression and makes it more difficult to crank. I’d never had to resort to this in the past but figured ‘why not’.

It’s some time since the bike ran but it felt and sounded smooth…for a while and then this engine noise began. I’ve suspected the crank for a while on the bike but listening it seems to come from the clutch area. I put it into gear and it promptly stalled even with the clutch in. Restarted and the noise was still there – hmmm. Stopped the bike and fixed the seat and right hand sidepanel on and restarted – noise gone. Good enough for me!

Tomorrow morning I will still be on the Honda as I have to get to work but I will see if the bike still starts. If it does then I’ll be back on the Laverda on Tuesday. I’m still nervous about that short circuit however so may spend the first few days without the right hand sidepanel and make sure I have a 10 mm spanner about my person.

Nick 🙂

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