Week 48: 18th November

Well back to square one…Didn’t ride the Atlas into work despite getting it running but decided to take a trip over to Benzina on Sunday to pick up some magazines. Atlas started reluctantly but I figured that a few miles would warm it through and hopefully lead to better reliability.

Bike ran well albeit with a ‘clackety, clackety’ noise which reminded me of a worn cam lobe on an old Peugeot I ran. Still first stop 8 miles away proved to be it and it refused to start again – didn’t even try despite being warm. Got some jump leads and all this did was produce smoke from the starter. Got Mrs A and my daughters over to give it a push start and no joy – and to make matters worse when I thumbed the starter it just whirred like it isn’t engaging…so that’ll be the Zane sprag fucked too…

I’ll arrange for it to get recovered home and then it is definately in the back of the garage so I can focus on the RGS.

Nick 😦

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