Week 51: 9th December

Finally got the Atlas back home…but not without incident as the damned thing fell off the trailor – fortunately while it was stationary. My wrist is still weak following the ‘off’ with the 100 and when the bike tipped towards my 17 year old daughter she just had to let it go. Fortunately no damage and the Atlas has been shoved to the back of the queue.

Spent time restoring some kind of order to the garage and this freed up a surprising amount of space.

So it is now back to the RGS which looks very sorry for itself. I know the big issue is making sure the brake lights work. Dean had shown there is a signal from the switch but I am still dithering before I test this out with a bulb. The back light unit is broken and I’d hoped to install a complete unit from a Honda CB450 – it all looked good until I found the securing screws are spaced slighly differently…damn back to procrastination.

Spent some useful time however continuing to clean the bike to remove road grime and by the time I left it is starting to look  a lot brighter.

Next weekend I’m going to give the project more space so that I can move around it and attack it more easily.

Nick 🙂

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