W/E 14th April


Got my mojo back and so spent the week trying to get things back on track. The main focus of the weekend was the RGS. First task was to pump up the flat rear tyre and then move it into the light. It doesn’t look very pretty so spent quite a bit of time cleaning it down with parafin. I found the carbs seized so spent some happy time working the ‘open/close’  linkage (that’s hitting it with a block of wood). It’s not perfect but liberal amounts of WD40 over the week should see some improvement. I restored the fork gaitors to their correct position and cleaned lots of muck off the cases and frame. The frame needs quite a bit of touching in which being black is easy. The starter motor was also tightened up and the clutch lever put back on.

I put off doing the real work to make it roadworthy which is checking the brake lights work. However from Dean’s visit last year the issue seems to be solved so we will see very soon – maybe during the coming week. Things to achieve are:

  1. Remove and clean the left hand footrest assembly
  2. Replace the fairing support
  3. Check brake light operation
  4. Clean battery compartment electrical connections
  5. Get throttle return function working
  6. Clean choke lever mechanism
  7. Put in petrol and battery and start!

RGS aside I also put in some planning on the 100. I bought a new head gasket from Italy for an incredible €45! Still the seller has also offered pistons and a con-rod which I might go for – especially the piston if it means I can get a future life for the motor. I’ve also been in contact with the company that made up valves for me last year. The valves they supplied work but have a different shape to the back of the head. I think this might be interfering with gas flow so want something closer to stock. They’ve said no problem so perhaps I can find the missing 5 MPH. The other thing I finally got round to was taking the nylon bush stock down to the engineering shop to get it turned into fork bushes.

All in all a good week – feels like progress is being made. Next weekend is the Bristol Auto Italia show – see you there?

Nick 🙂

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