W/E 21st April

Mayor on 100

Saturday and took the 100 over to Bristol AutoItalia street show. It was a trip of 85 miles each way so I was on the road at 6.00 for a 9.30 start. A beautiful bright spring morning with a rather chilly dose of early morning frost! I arrived in Bristol for 8.30 and didn’t go over to the meet at the M5 due to a leaking exhaust gasket. The allen screws I’d had put in after the National Rally had come loose. I borrowed a 5mm allen key off a Lambretta owner and despite the gasket being mildly shredded all was fixed. The more worrying thing was that it was clear oil had been blowing out of the rocker box breather. Hmmm the bike is down on power but doesn’t seem to smoke so not sure what this is. The bike ran far better on the homeward leg which might have been the fixed exhaust or maybe there are more downhill stretches coming east? Whatever it needs investigation before the National.


Made some progress on the 100 in getting a gasket set from Italy. The seller also has a conrod and pistons so a potential source of parts if I have got a problem. I’d put the bush stock down at the engineers and didn’t get round to picking the job up – something for Mrs A to sort out next week. I’ve also sent off the valves to Cox & Turner down in Fordingbridge. So things are coming together – though I also noticed as I looked the 100 over in Bristol that the rear sprocket is very sharp – I will have to sort out how to replace those sprockets but have been looking at possible replacements on the WeMoto site http://www.wemoto.com/.

Got talking to Alan Bell of ‘Muira’ fame (with a rather ‘eye catching’ 3C) .


I often have a chat with Alan if we’re at the same event and he gave me a bit of advice with regard to putting the Jota cases together. He thought it was no big deal to put the cases together – just a little Hylomar and none near the oil pump ‘O’ ring. He said I needed to make sure the head gasket ‘o’ rings were inside the gasket when fitting and that when the bike was first started to firstly prime all oil ways by turning the motor over without the plugs in. He thought starting the bike without the cambox on was a good idea to make sure the oil was pumping through. I left thinking I needed to get on this job.

Took a bit of time with the RGS. The main problem I have is the front brake light doesn’t work. Hooked up an aftermarket LED light unit and the rear works but so far not the front. If I run a feed direct from the battery the front works – or at least the light comes on so some hope. I’ve put a call out on the Micapeak list but also wonder why I don’t just plumb it into the rear brake feed? Still have to get on to this as I’ve entered the Welsh National Rally on the 11th May! Needed something to aim for otherwise I could be without a big Laverda for some time to come.

Anyways back to the Bristol AutoItalia – came back to find a rosette and a new trophy for ‘Best Laverda’. Made me laugh that the old shed picked up the silverware but fair do’s she’s 55 years old and still there why not. The ILOC boys on the stand said the Turismo had generated loads of interest from folk of all ranges so it was nice to think she’d been a hit – even the Mayor of Bristol swung a leg over for his photo opportunity!

All in all a great weekend and thanks to all those in ILOC. Some steps in the right direction on the RGS but need to have it running by this time next Sunday…

Nick šŸ™‚

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