W/E 28th April


Well the pressure is on to get the RGS back on the road in time for the Welsh National Rally on the 10th May!!!.

Got down to work which involved going back to the RGA and swopping the back wheel and chain over. The RGA is like a time capsule in that it was all ready to go to the 2010 rally and the night before the crank went. When it broke it had the RGS back wheel in with a brand new Sport Demon fitted so this was a quick swop. It also had a serviceable chain and rear sproket so again these were swopped.


I remember now that at the time of the RGA demise I was experimenting with non-o ring chain so although it is serviceable it’ll have to be changed in the next thousand miles or so. The spring clip is also suspect so will have to look at that.


Took the entire brake hydraulics off the RGA when the RGS master cylinder was found to be faulty. Fortunately I had a spare rear brake switch because the one off the RGA turned out to be dud. It does however mean I will have to now bleed the rear brake – still that can wait for now. Re-installed the silencers which are rusty as hell but look better for some new paint.

The biggest pain is getting all the lights to work. Got to a position where all the front lights worked but the rear went out when I went to full lights on? I walked away and called Tony Winterton and got some ideas about the front brake light which appears to have no power going to it. Apparently the brake and horns are on the same ‘ring’ and if you have a fault in the horn wiring it can impact on the brake – oh and the other thing he pointed out was not to forget the RGS has two earth leads off the negative side of the battery (d’oh)!

So I did something else for a while and it struck me that the rear light must be caused by the light switch on the left hand bar. I had a tin of contact spray and liberally squirted the switch and ‘hey presto’ back light is now on all the time! Still got the brake light to sort out along with the horns and indicators. Almost there and I’m sure this will cause me more problem than anything mechanical – but maybe other things will chime in if I plug everything into the instrument console (interestingly I found an auxillary earth which proved not to be necessary when taking a fresh look over everything – gives you some insight into the mess you create running a bike 365 days a year).

In between I touched in some of the paintwork (Hammerite Black silk) put the brake assembly back on and the rear light ‘hanger’. The throttle is now ‘unseized’ following a good dose of WD40 and much opening and closing.

Things left to do are:

  1. Put front mudguard, fairing, instrument console, sidepanels and seat on
  2. Get the brake lights, horns and indicators to work
  3. Fix the choke lever back onto the underside of the clutch lever
  4. Fit a new battery
  5. Refit the speedo cable

Fingers crossed for the coming week…

Made some progress on the 100 with the delivery of a fresh set of valves from Cox and Turner in Fordingbridge. I’d sent down some 500 valves which are quite small and have the correct size stems. Lovely job – but I think I may well fit the original albeit slightly damaged valves for the National Rally – mind that is a way off so not something I am going to worry about at the moment.

The other event that just came in today (Sunday) is the 2nd Atlas Rally – 12th-14th July in Switzerland. Better start planning the Atlas rebirth…

Nick 🙂




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