W/E 7th May

Well started the week needing to fix the following – those struck through are done:

  1. Put front mudguard, fairing, instrument console, sidepanels and seat on
  2. Get the brake lights, horns and indicators to work
  3. Fix the choke lever back onto the underside of the clutch lever
  4. Fit a new battery
  5. Refit the speedo cable

So it ought to be running – wrong!

Done a lot of fiddling with the horn on the electrics side and thought through how to wire in an auxillary horn switch and this fixed that problem. I have the rear offside indicator working but power to all the rest so don’t see that as particularly outstanding. The problem with the indicator seems more about the handlebar switch – clearly this cluster hasn’t benefitted from being stood for two years. Anyways having got all the electrics done I summoned up the courage to hit the start button only to be met with just a clicking solenoid. From this I suspect the starter is stuck so will attempt to fit another off either the Jota or RGA. The other thing I noticed is that the back light comes on when I hit the starter so the bad earth is still in there somewhere…On the plus side Tony Winterton has offered to come by Wednesday evening so maybe all will be ready for the Welsh rally…

Fitting the front mudguard makes it look almost there. The other thing I checked was the float bowls and fortunately I’d obviously drained them as the one I dropped was dry – hopefully that will mean no carb issues once it is turning over? I also pumped the back brake a little so I think it is now in tolerance for the MOT. So watch this space for a Welsh Rally report – hopefully on the Laverda…

Won a sprag clutch off a Ducati to fit onto the Atlas. Phil Cooper tells me this will work (although Alan Bell says not) and at £21 all in it seemed silly to pass up the chance. Although the RGS still isn’t ready my thoughts are now turning towards getting the Atlas ready for the 2nd Atlas gathering in July.

Finally got a selection of fork bushes back to try out on the 100. The original is worn so my machinist gave me three sizes to try before he creates a final set.

Nick 🙂


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