W/E 2nd June

Well back to the bad old days on Tuesday morning when the RGS began the day with a flat battery. Turned out to be the rectifier and fortunately I had a spare so fixed it up at the weekend but didn’t trust it for work. The spare is an original rectifier so all the wiring lined up ‘colour coding’ wise and was a simple fit. Took the RGS to the pub on Saturday to try it out and she passed with flying colours!


Starting to fettle the RGS so that it is ready for the LCF Rally in Clisson. My thoughts are to get it ready to go and then not use it until Thursday when I plan to catch the Chunnel over. On Sunday I took the pannier frames off the RGA and installed them….all I have to do now is find the keys….


My ideal in the future is to have a Laverda on standby for rallies with another for daily commuting. At the moment I can’t afford for the RGS to go down so I’m using it a bit sparingly.

The rectifier let me down once before when I was on the way to the LCF rally in Switzerland. Mrs A and I ended up in a hire car and picked up a spare rectifier from an LCF member, fixed the problem and rode home. Still I must pack a spare for the rally….

Sent a second set of sprockets off for machining on Tuesday. I hadn’t spoken to the firm but gave them all my details so the fact I haven’t heard from them suggests the work is underway. I’m still waiting on the Italian contact to get back to me about a possible set of piston rings…conversely the fact I haven’t heard from him probably signals bad news…

Saturday I got on and began to strip the Atlas. I’m pleased I walked away from it when I did because looking at it with fresh eyes helped me to see it’s potential and that it isn’t in such bad condition. The engine and carb’ were furred up but cleaned up okay with some paraffin. The rocker cover will need fresh paint but other than that it’s okay.


Took the carb’ off and sent an email to Dellorto asking if they can still go through it for £165 + VAT. It ain’t cheap but at least then I will know it has been cleaned and passed ready to go. I suspect the carb’ isn’t set up correctly and getting an expert eye on it will at least eliminate that concern. I stood back and looked at the space taken up by the original airbox…I still think I would be better off junking it, fitting filters and shoeing in a much larger battery. My conversation last weekend with James White-Cooper suggested you can get quite a small Oddysey to fit…or of course I could just the PC680 off the RGS as I can only ride one bike at a time….hmmmm.

I looked at the gearbox sprocket and have decided it will do for this season. I will get another lock washer and have it ground down to make the sprocket fit even firmer. So long as the side to side slop is taken up it should be okay. The thing that did surprise me was when I took off the alternator cover there appeared to be nothing wrong with the sprag clutch. There was moisture in the case but nothing obviously wrong. One thing was the idler gear came off its locating pin but I don’t know if this happened when I pulled off the case? Anyways it don’t look too bad in there so perhaps the carb service will do the job.


In addition I also started to pull the exhaust system apart. It needs painting and also the silencer ought to have a baffle inserted into it to quieten it down a bit. I managed to get the silencer and the back section off easily enough as well as the front left hand pipe. I couldn’t get it all off however because the right hand pipe and siamese part of the exhaust wouldn’t separate due to a seized exhaust clamp and the resultant length won’t clear the cylinder barrel. I walked away to have a go another day as at the moment there’s no rush so no need to get out the big hammers and regret the next day!


Finally had a rummage through my recent purchases of wheels and brakes. The Suzuki slabby wheels are so much lighter than the Laverda hoops and the back rim measured a whooping 5″. I checked on the Laverda Forum and this seems correct – that is going to be some tyre going in! The back wheel looks better than the front which I suspect from the Laverda Forum description is the less robust early GSXR 750 item. I will have to look at this closely because there are cracks in the paint where the spokes join the rim. Might be nothing but then again…

The four pot Brembo’s were a gamble because I hadn’t thought to ask about the spacing between the bolt holes – I wanted 40mm spaces and luckily that’s what I got, phew! Anyways have to not get distracted by all this stuff which needs to wait until the autumn and after I have at least one more Laverda on the road.


Nick 🙂

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