W/E 21st July


Picked up the crank for the RGS from Keith Nairn. Keith was in Guildford picking up a 3C so it was the ideal opportunity to pick up one crank and hand over another for the RGA.

The freshly fixed crank looks the business. Keith told me that not only was the end of the crank broken off it was also slightly bent and twisted. The con rods also were slightly bent. I was pleased that I’d asked him to sort out everything including new bearings and cleaning the sludge traps. Had I stuck to plan A which was to get the end mended locally then although it might have worked the bike would never have run properly.

I had another crank under the bench so handed this over – I now have an RGS and RGA engine to dismantle ready to put the cranks in to – better get to it!

At the same time as I handed over the second crank I also decided to hand over the Jota engine. This has a rebuilt crank and I faced facts and thought that although all the bits were present it would make more sense to have Keith build the core of the engine and just leave me to install it to the frame and do the finishing touches. Keith will also check the rebuilt crank and go through the condition of the pistons and head. At least I know I will have a decent motor when it’s done.


I also got back to the Atlas and removed the sprag clutch. I was surprised and pleased to see the circlip holding the sprag bearing in had come out. That would explain the noise when the bike was last run and also why the sprag slipped and banged when I tried to start it a week or so back. Anyways I put the circlip back and reassembled the unit. I did a few trail runs with the sprag before realising that it isn’t gripping properly – the bearing although not broken is probably worn. So I have gone back to the super Leo Zimmerman sprag which was all assembled in a box. I’m going to attempt to start the bike during the coming week but in the first instance with the aid of a car battery – I want to give it the best possible chance to start and once it is going then see if the standard battery can do the same….

So some progress…

Nick 🙂

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