W/E 4th August


A slow week as I was away for the weekend.

Sent a old gearbox sprocket off to Nametab Engineering with a view to getting some lock washers made up. Gone for 3,4,5mm thickness to give me some options. Not sure if they’ll be back in time for the trip to Switzerland but that’s not a deal breaker.

Contacted OCT to see if they had a rear brake mounting plate and a set of Mk 2 exhausts. Brake plate is available so will get on and order that. No joy on the exhausts although they did confirm they’d got a set of Mark 1’s. I was going to fit the earlier set but have since had another idea…


Saw an article on a Jota engined Featherbed and read more on the Facebook page. This revealed that the exhausts were custom made by Campbell Exhausts so I’m thinking of getting them to knock up something for the Atlas. What I want to do is have the exhausts go under the engine and then spring up either side like a KTM or Yamaha XT Tenere.


I need to make sure the oil filter can still be dropped without having to remove the exhausts (like an RGS) but the advantage will be not having bloody hot exhausts just by my left leg. I rode the bike a couple of years ago with ordinary trousers and was amazed at the heat being kicked out! So that’s another plan – but it can wait until later in the year.

Checked out the headstock bearings and these are okay. The front disc floating buttons are very worn and fortunately I followed up with a guy I met a couple of years ago who had a 650 Cagiva Elefant and think he has a replacement – these are rare discs, though there was a very good condition one on ebay USA for £175…expensive but at least I could’ve got one.

Spent a bit more time thinking about where to mount the Sachse ignition. I’d decided to go for under the seat but as I set to the job had another think. I lowered the starter relay a fraction which made room for the unit to fit on the side of the back mudguard. I then pondered how to attach the unit to the mudguard. It was just held on before with velcro stips but I’d decided this wasn’t good enough. Eventually the bleeding obvious hit me which was to use a cable tie through some old holes that I’d previously made to mount the starter relay.  The only thing left is to find a strap to hold the battery in place – once this is done I think I will have achieved my aim of being able to run the bike without sidepanels which gives a leaner look but as importanly access to the main wiring bits and bobs.


Booked the roadworthiness test for Friday…

Nick 🙂

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