W/E 25th August

Well it’s off on a week’s break so an early post. Haven’t been idle during the week as I have been running about trying to sort out how to fix the leaking oil cooler.

Full gasket set arrived from OCT so have put in a new cam box gasket + the plastic/rubber grommet’s


Not the clearest picture but you can see how much bigger a new grommet is. It measures a full 1mm bigger which shows how much it has compressed since 1989! Anyways the new cam box gasket and grommets seem to have cured the oil leak so attention turned to the oil cooler.


This is the solution I have settled on for now! Quik Steel http://www.dual-star.com/index2/Service/quiksteel_epoxy_putty.htm gives a bit more information but I am impressed. The putty comes with an integral hardener so you just roll it in your fingers and stuff it on! The putty gets a bit hot in the chemical reaction. Good to its word you can sand it once it’s hardened.

The oil cooler however also caused more problems when I started to take it off the bike. I undid the top hose only to find that as the nut came off it stripped the thread. On reassembly fortunately there was enough of the old thread just about there for the nut to seemingly recut itself and tighten up!


Longer term I have a Diamante cooler I can pick up. The Diamante cooler is a similar size but mounts differently. Because the ends of the cooler on the Diamante are covered in it won’t fit the Atlas mount – nothing that a couple of cable ties probably wouldn’t solve. The ‘but’ is though that the diameter of the Diamante cooler are smaller which means they won’t just plumb into the Atlas rigging. Probably I am going to have to decide longer term to get two coolers which is not expensive but what will be expensive is all the pipework to connect it all up. The IPRA cooler originally fitted was no doubt intended for a car but so far I haven’t been able to match it up. Still let’s hope the Quik Steel holds up for now.

The final issue is whether that head gasket is blowing. I don’t have time to fix it before Scotland but I am cannot be sure that I didn’t hear it ‘squeal’ when I tried to start it. I seemed okay running so dunno. My hope is that it either breaks when I take it out next weekend for a 100 test ride – rather that than another failure miles from home…

Nick 🙂

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