W/E 1st September


A bit of an inactive week due to a holiday in North Devon – very nice and managed to spot this ‘Formula S’ in Ilfracombe on the Sunday.

However not a completely wasted week because I took a trip out to Alan Bell’s to pick up an oil cooler off a Diamante + some Brembo levers for the triples.



The Diamante oil cooler isn’t a straight fit. The principle differences are the oil lines are thinner and the edges of the cooler enclosed (this makes the original Atlas fitment redundant and I’d need to find an alternative way to mount the cooler). Anyways I thought it best to have the Diamante cooler just in case but my focus is to get the original sorted using Quik Steel.


Sunday gave me a bit of time (although I spent most of the day at the British Motogp round) so I set about making up a new push-pull rod for the choke. The coat hanger proved just the ticket both in terms of width and pliability. I think I have improved on the old arrangement and if it works won’t go back to the choke cable setup which it ought to have.


The bad news however is that the damned oil cooler still leaked on start up – more Quik Steel tomorrow and fingers crossed as I have to set off for Scotland on Wednesday…

Nick 🙂

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