W/E 17th November


It’s out!

Couldn’t believe it but returned to the engine and to my surprise the nut on the end of the engine stud just moved very easily and within a short period the nut was off and the stud out through the hole in the unused mounting block. Simple as that! I have been spraying it quite regularly with Duck oil and last week gave it a dose of heat so it seems my patience has paid off.


Mrs A was enticed down into the garage and we managed to lift the engine out of the frame leaving the front engine silentbloc attached to the frame and the lower silentbloc still on the engine. Before lifting I jacked the engine up at the front so the front mounting cleared the silentbloc and after this it was pretty straightforward.


Some spanner twirling saw the front wheel and forks out so it is 90% stripped.


There is lots of engine oil and crud everywhere – started to clean it up but I’m seriously considering taking it down the local garage for a steam clean session.

Still a long time but at last progress! It’s got me thinking however that maybe the thing to do is take the RGS down now so I have two engines and two sets of cycle parts to work with at the same time – economies of scale?

Nick 🙂

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