24th November


No progress on the triples but another batch of Atlas’s arrived after a quick trip to Belgium. Mrs A and I left for France on Friday evening, spent the night in a Formula 1 in Calais and then travelled over to Belgium and back home on the Saturday. Although it was a whistle stop visit it was just nice to be back on the Continent – driving down the E40 into Belgium is always a nice experience because it always means I’m off on an adventure. Clear roads and wide open spaces such a difference to the road chaos of south east England.

I now have another red Mk 3 plus a lot of bits from a blue Mk 2 that was involved in a head on collision a few years back. Too soon to have gone over either the complete bike or the bits but I can see the Mk 3 is missing the chain guard. The prize from the Mk 2 is the engine which is complete except for the carb – apparently this was a going well before it hit the accident so fingers crossed I can just replace my existing Atlas motor with this one. That would give me a running Laverda for the time being while I work on the triples.

The bikes are still in trailer waiting to be unloaded so pictures and analysis to follow next week. Now I just have to work out a way to fit it all into the garage…

Nick 🙂

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