W/E 1st December


Welcome Atlas # 1421 (the 421st of just 450) with 37,000 kms on the clock!

It has taken a week of hibernation while I cleared room in the overcrowded garage for me to take a look at what I bought. My current Atlas is #1405 so just think they could’ve been in Breganze at the same time! Close cousins. Anyways despite the years of dust I can see that this bike is largely untouched. The only pieces that I can see that are missing are the mirrors, chainguard and the wrong front mudguard.

The previous owner thought the mudguard was standard but it is just held in place with four jubilee clips and if you stand back you can see it is the wrong diameter. Having said that it doesn’t look that bad but I do have a spare genuine guard in the box of bits that came with it so will probably return it to standard. I also have a chainguard so that problem is also solved and as for mirrors – well I don’t run my bikes with mirrors that is it all sorted.

The colour scheme is an odd mix of red and blue which looks wrong but looks how it was sold. I am also told that the rear shock is a white power item which hopefully means it is in good order.

The spares are what is left over from a collision involving a Mk 2. The tomb raiders have been at work and it is missing the carb rubbers and junctions to the air box…but not the carb. It also has had the starter motor removed.


It looks to me like I could just put this engine into 1405. It isn’t a hydraulic clutch motor but this isn’t a barrier as I have the bits to run either set up. What I have thought however is to try just try just changing the carb on engine #1405 and then if this doesn’t work put the whole motor in. Still whatever I am counting on this second engine breathing life into 1405 so I can at least consider the LCF AG in January.

It wasn’t all Atlas this weekend as I continued to pull down the RGA. The frame would be bare but I am having trouble get the main loom connector apart and also see I have to take the hydraulic hose off the clutch as this is threaded through the frame. I have started over again with the Duck Oil to try and get the front engine mount off. However I do have the engine on a block so it doesn’t matter if the frame takes a bit of time to come apart.

Nick 🙂

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