W/E 9th March

Almost a full week commuting in to London – four days (worked at home one day). With the Atlas I have progressed from fixing it to road hardening – over the next couple of thousand miles I should be able to keep tweaking and tightening until it reaches a state where despite its tatty appearance it will prove reliable.

One hiccup was that the lights didn’t work going home one evening so I turned back and got the dustbin lorry mechanics were I work to have a look. They’re back on but none of us really knows why…

Having done about 700 miles since getting back on the road I went round the bike checking nuts and bolts – just one loose so not bad. I suspect the rear disc is warped as spinning the back wheel shows a tight spot and still a patch of rust on the disc. I have another in the shed so I ought to get round to fixing this…

O ring oil seal behind the gear lever

O ring oil seal behind the gear lever

I also replaced the o ring seal behind the gearlever as the bike has a leak on the left hand side. I butted the old seal up against it to provide some pressure and fingers crossed I won’t return at the end of the day tomorrow and find spots of oil – most embarrassing for a Laverda pilot! Talking of oil – consumption appears pretty light but it did cross my mind that with the Laverda I will be back into the 3 week oil change cycle – hmmm that’s a pain!

The RGS engine free from the constraints of the frame!

The RGS engine free from the constraints of the frame!

I didn’t have much garage time this weekend (the above was an hour’s routine maintenance) but the hour I had was enough to haul the RGS motor out of the frame. The crane makes this procedure relatively easy – especially with Mrs A and my eldest daughter on hand to steady things as I jiggled the motor free of the frame.

So now I have two Laverda engines ready to dismantle and two sets of cycle parts to refurb’ – watch this space!

Nick 🙂


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