W/E 16th March

The Atlas completed it’s first full week of commuting service (it’s now done approx. 1200 miles since returning to the road) – it’s running well with the oil leak from the primary side the only thing needing attention – this’ll get sorted next week when I change the oil and then I’ll install a new primary side gasket.

Not much to report this week – family stuff combined with sun and the need to get a Honda VFR shock painted ready for installation kept me mainly away from the Laverda’s…but I did start to hatch a plan for the new speedo on the Atlas 🙂

As previously reported I bought a Koso digital speedo that also contains indicator lights, neutral and  high beam + a rev counter and if you like a temperature and fuel gauge. Anyways before I start to mess things about I thought about how to mount the unit and realised I needed to fashion a dashboard. I thought about metal but plan instead to use black polycarbonate. I thought about a black numberplate but have been put onto a signmaker where I ought to be able to buy a strip. My thinking is that I can fashion the dashboard easier using this material and might even incorporate an ammeter to warn of imminent electrical problems (why did these cease being fitted)! I’m also toying with the idea of using the original rev counter as the Koso is calibrated up to 14,000 so the Laverda’s normal operating range of up to 7,000 won’t light up many bars.

I’ve also ordered up some Hitachi connectors so that I may be able to keep standard wiring blocks…let’s see.

Nick 🙂

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