W/E 6th July


This week is really all about the National Rally. Full report and some pictures in the Trips section.

Anyways in preparation for the rally I had to get to bottom of the starting problems. First off I dismantled the sprag clutch and surprise, surprise was greeted by broken springs. I put together a new assembly and even installed the fancy Zimmerman sprag but all to no avail because the ring gear spiggot was worn. This feature really is a pile of shite and lucky I could install the Zane alternative from the broken original engine.


Even this repair however couldn’t hide the knackered battery. I ordered a replacement on-line but still needed to get to work. To make this happen I lashed the battery out of the RGS to the side of the bike. Turned out this battery is also below par but at least it worked for a couple of days.

Oversize RGS battery lashed to the side of the Atlas

Oversize RGS battery lashed to the side of the Atlas

The on-line battery failed to appear so I did a bit of research and found a Harley Sportster battery will do the job. The cold cranking of a Harley battery has to be high so I was confident if the local dealer had one we’d be good to go. As it turned out the local dealer didn’t have the right battery but did have one that would fit if I flattened out the battery tray. No problem and the good news was this battery is a full blown 20 amp jobbie and the shop tested the CCA at a whopping 353! Bad news it cost £135!

Harley battery - 20 amp, 353 CCA, part # 65958-04A

Harley battery – 20 amp, 353 CCA, part # 65958-04A

Job done but as you’ll see from the rally report the sprag still slips…grrrrrrrrrrr!

Aside from the Atlas I dropped both the RGS and RGA frame off for shot blasting so I can get on with having the frames welded ready for paint. Slowly, slowly…

Nick 🙂

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