W/E 13th July

Well after the excitement of last week’s rally this week is more mundane but some progress. The frames have been dropped off at the welder following blasting and will have the headstock’s braced. The welder couldn’t find evidence that the RGS frame had cracked so maybe I saw a ring of rust where a cable tie was and over-reacted? Should be done in a couple of weeks and then we can get down to paint which will signal we’ve turned the corner and started to put stuff back on rather than take it off.

The other bit of news was I found the Belgian registration papers for my second Atlas. These confirm it is a 1990 bike rather than ’87 as claimed by the Laverda marque specialist. As I have the papers it should make registration easier.

Finally on the Atlas front I have a second front disc waiting to be cleared through customs (came from the USA so I’m being hit for tax…). Always good to have a spare in the shed.

Nick 🙂

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