W/E 20th July

The front disc for the Atlas cleared customs and is now in the shed. Thought the week was going to uneventful but just when I didn’t need it on Friday the Atlas broke down! 6.30 am and needing to get into London for 8 and it just dies. Fortunately I was only 5 miles from home so Mrs A arrived with the Fiat…Returning in the evening I couldn’t see anything wrong – all the wires seemed good and damn me if it didn’t just start up -grrrrrrrr! Anyways checked out the weak point which is the connection between the sparks box and loom and found a slightly furry connection. Sprayed on some electrical connection fluid and its fingers crossed for Monday.

Was this slightly furry end connection enough to stop the Atlas?

Was this slightly furry end connection enough to stop the Atlas?

Changed the oil as well – jeez that Halford’s Classic 20/50 is shite. It came out like water. Nothing to say it is crap but I won’t be using that through choice.

Work switched to the RGA crankcases. Need to get these clean for reassembly and decided not to go down the blasting route and just got out the can of paraffin and a toothbrush. Took a lot of rubbing to make it start to come good, a lot of road salt damage on the front, but it’s getting there.

Crankcase cleaning - note shite oil and paraffin

Crankcase cleaning – note shite oil and paraffin

In the course of doing the clean up I got to check out the overall condition of the motor and suspect it has a troubled past. First off the housings for the main bearings on the alternator side look a bit ‘hammered’. The oil seal on the right hand side from the oil pump was distorted and there was a big dab of red hermatite in the gearbox. I’ve had this bike from 11,734 kms and thought it was as it left the factory but it would appear within this initial mileage there has been a problem with the crank (unusual for a 120 motor). This might also explain why it always leaked from the cylinder head which I traced to a compromised head gasket o ring when I took the motor down. The other feature of the engine was that it may have had a tight spot on the crank – I remember someone mentioning it when we were timing the engine – can’t have been so bad as it lasted over 200,000 kms all told (and even then the mains were okay)!

Cleaning will continue through the coming week + I’m going to get the bores checked for wear. I’m told it is normally the rings that wear not the bores so maybe I will be lucky and get away with fresh rings and a hone.

Slowly but surely it’s coming together…

Nick 🙂

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