2nd August

Primed and almost ready to go

Primed and almost ready to go

Carried on with the frames this week – got my youngest child to spray them with primer while I was at work. No preparation just paint from a ‘rattle can’ straight onto shot blasted metal. I thought about preping the frame but then decided the rough surface would act as a good key. Seems I was right.

Inspection of both frames shows some rust damage. I’m going to cover this up with a light filler where necessary. I’m not going to fill parts on the rear of the frame and I’m thinking that maybe in sections that are hidden I’m going to add hammerite to try and stop any repeat in those ‘hard to get to areas’.

I started to rush at other parts to try and assemble a box full of parts to be blasted for more painting. I filled the box with brackets from the instruments, headlamp, stands, radiator and battery and top and bottom yoke. There is surprisingly little to paint. However I also started to prepare the wheels but gave up when I caught myself with a big hammer attempting to drift out bearings…walk away and do it when you get back from holiday. Less haste more speed as they say.

Something I did discover was that the rear wheel is missing one of the bearing washer. The dividing tube was a loose fit but of course that loose fit allows the bearings to be compressed when everything is tightened up. I don’t remember losing a bearing washer but then again I was working hard to keep the RGA running for the daily grind. In a way I’m a bit disappointed with myself for missing this back in the day.

Nick 🙂


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