W/E 31st August

Atlas on the rough

Atlas on the rough

Took the Atlas up onto the Downs to model the Andy Strapz panniers for Zen Overland’s website. Nice to get a shot of a Laverda in a contemporary website hey. I’ve done some playing around with the panniers now I’ve removed the indicators and can get them at a good height. Initially I didn’t like them being so far back and wide but the location means I can fill up the mesh pockets fore and aft without interfering with the pillions legs. I’ve ridden in to London with them in the rain and although not marketed as waterproof they came through fine. Top quality kit.

The indicators got torn off in preparation for the MOT. I’m pleased I got rid of them because now they’re not there I don’t have to consider if they’ll work or not. Having ridden most of my life without indicators it’s no big deal. The MOT was fine with just a comment about the oil leak (see end of this article) and a worn top bush in the rear suspension linkage. The latter surprised me – first wear I’ve had in a mono-shock so if hadn’t been pointed out I wouldn’t have thought to look. Anyways that’s it roadworthy for another year…

Infact this last week has been a bit of a bling fest’ as I also got a tool tube which I’ve cable tied to the pannier rails. Damned good idea to have the tools stowed away like this and once again the odd spacing of the panniers means the tube fits inside between them and the rear mudguard a treat.

Sneaky tool tube

Sneaky tool tube

The final flourish was to bling up the dashboard with some sticky black plastic. Not the best job but good enough and now the front light leak doesn’t overwhelm the cockpit area.

Blinged dash

Blinged dash

All in all the Atlas is coming together…with the exception of the alternator casing which despite now having silicon sealant applied continues to leak. I may have to pull one off my spare case or with luck get one from Alan Bell’s hoard of Zane spares – assuming Zane engines have the same arrangement.

The leak isn’t bad at 50 MPH but 10 miles down the M4 at 70 MPH saw a stream of oil – not ideal when you’ve got the prospect of 400 miles motorway miles to get to Scotland in two weeks…

Nick 🙂


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