W/E 27th October


Well took a step along the way to getting the Atlas back on the road by pulling the engine out. Feels a bit like two steps forward and three steps back but decided the engine that gave up in Scotland is going to need some serious fettling so the only answer is to get the original motor back in.

The original motor is waiting for the head and barrels to come back from the engine shop and then it can be put back together and bingo!

Pulling the engine was quite an easy task with the help of the hoist. I pulled it out the alternator side of the frame by turning it sideways – I seem to remember last time I did the same thing but it pulled it out from the primary side. Either way with a hoist it is simple.



Once the engine was out I got down to cleaning the frame up. Seeing all the oil build up behind the engine made me feel better with my decision as the only place that quantity could’ve come from is the breather so something is wrong.

So prep’d and ready to go we will be back on the road by the time I post again.

Nick 🙂

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