W/E 30th November

Well my first full week of commuting on the Atlas again – hurrah. Taking the bike into work means I now don’t have to think about traffic density so the need to be heading off at 5:30 in the morning and anticipating up to 150 minutes to get home in the evening has passed – bliss…The other notable thing is how riding the bike brightens my mood either end of the day – motorcycling ought to carry a positive health warning šŸ™‚

Monday started off badly with the bike blowing a fuse within 400 yards of home meaning I crept in to work as dawn broke with just the front LED light for illumination. En route to London the ‘push fit’ dash fell out of its mounting three times and by the time I got home 100 miles later I’d lost one of the exhaust nuts and it was making a right old racket!

I’m not entirely sure why the fuses were blowing but it may have been I was running too low resistance. I see it ought to run 25 amp on the rectifier fuse and since I put in a 30 amp I’ve had no problems. One thing that I did discover was fuses from Maplin which glow when they blow. I blew a couple of 20’s and there in the fuse box was this little red light (like an LED). Really good idea for when you are stranded at the side of the road in the dark. Anyhow the 30 has held up for the rest of the week so it’s going to stay.

The dash was pushed back and seems to have settled down and a weekend check showed the exhaust nuts needed tightening but stayed in place. The bike appears oil tight tho’ I have topped it up with half a litre – not clear if this is being burned so a weekly check is necessary to establish if this is going to continue. Remember the new rings have to bed in and I’m heartened that the silencer isn’t oily. All the engine mounting bolts have remained torqued.

I’ve been using the LED lights and what a difference they make on full beam. I’m going to increase the output of the dip beam LED as it is just filling in the standard dip at present and maybe putting it up a notch might mean it starts to have more impact. I figure I can go brighter because on its current (sic) intensity no one has flashed me.

The only thing that ought to be fettled now is the clutch which needs bleeding to free properly. I’ve been riding long enough to be able to ride round the problem but in the heavy London traffic I have been caught out a few times meaning I’m sitting with the bike ever so slightly creeping forward if I haven’t knocked it into neutral.

Life’s good.

Nick šŸ™‚


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