W/E 7th December

Well another ride rather than repair report.

The road hardening process continues with the Atlas which covered itself in shame on Monday morning by breaking down just half a mile from home. I considered walking back and picking up the car but as I had the tools on board it was off with the tank and seat. Turned out I needn’t have bothered because it was a dodgy connection to the ignition unit which I kind of cleared by taking the connector off, rubbing it and putting it back on. Continued to cause problems all day with intermittent breakdowns – which when you’re riding in rush hour traffic is a bit dangerous! Anyways following a good squirt of contact cleaner it didn’t come back and now I’ve spent time in the garage buffing up the connecting wires so fingers crossed for Monday.

The damned dashboard kept coming off and dangling by its wires so now I have put in a couple of number plate bolts to stop it sliding out of its push fit. I went for these bolts because they’re plastic so won’t be so prone to vibration, well that’s the theory.

The clutch has been a pain in that it didn’t fully disengage and I knew I’d have to check the reservoir level. I was dreading trying to get the posi-drive screws out of the master cylinder but they undid with no problem. I’ve topped up the level and it seems better – though I ought to have really bled it right through because the fluid looks more like brown water. Again let’s see how the Monday shakedown goes.

I noticed oil on the alternator cover so went round all the crankcase bolts tightening them but I knew the real problem was the cylinder head needed re-torquing. Off with the cam box and a simple job – surprised me how much it pulled down but I have covered 1,000 miles since getting back on board (should’ve done it 500 miles ago I know).

Oil consumption over the past week hasn’t been as bad as before – less than last week’s half a litre. I hope that is an indication that the rings are bedding in and also that the valve seals are working.

Had a nice exchange in the London rush hour with a guy on a ’78 Suzuki GS850 who shouted across about how he loved his old SF and wished he’d kept it – the irony that he considered my ’89 Atlas a classic bike rather than his GS seemed a bit lost on him 🙂 The thing though about any Laverda is that you stand out in a crowd to those who know and that feels good.

Nick 🙂

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