W/E 21st December

I couldn’t believe it as I rolled to a halt for the fourth Monday in a row! The Atlas had been running sweetly and I had just wondered if this was going to be the week I had no problems and it dies. No lights or power and a quick check showed a blown fuse. I called Mrs A to drive out with more fuses (I was only 10 miles from home) and set to checking the electrics again. I couldn’t see anything and kept blowing fuses and then I checked the power wire to the starter motor – bingo! The connection was loose but more importantly the nut holding it to the starter was loose which meant a dead short inside the starter motor. I tightened it all up with a 10mm spanner and there it was fixed šŸ™‚

The Atlas ran in and out of London all week, including Saturday but it was making a right old racket in the motor like something was loose. The other problem was the front brake which seemed both a bit weak but also the pulse suggested a warped disc. Plenty to do on Sunday then…

Oops should have tightened this properly

Oops should have tightened this properly

First up it was off with the alternator cover and there was a loose crankshaft nut. I’d suspected this because I had only used loctite and no tab washer when assembling it. More loctite and this time I bent the corner of the washer over. Job done.

Marks on the back of the calipher

Marks on the back of the calipher

Next up was the front brake. I decided to take it off and intended to split the calipher but the bolts held fast and I suspect the allen heads are a slightly weird size (typical of a late 80’s motorcycle with lots of car size heads e.g. 12 and 14mm). I could see the pistons weren’t really moving so applied a combination of heat and WD40 to get some movement. Put the calipher back on and bled it through and adjusted the free play at the bar. It all seems a lot better but there is some drag on the disc. The other thing I noticed is the back of the calipher appears to have been rubbed – the spokes are very close but didn’t appear damaged. Hmmmm. A shakedown roadtest tomorrow is required before the final couple of days before Christmas.

Nick šŸ™‚

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