W/E 11th January 2015

Smoking Atlas

Smoking Atlas

Well I think the ‘road-hardening’ process is complete! Just completed 3,000 miles and all the nuts and bolts appear to have settled down, the electrical gremlins been ironed out and it’s running good. Second oil change over the weekend and this time I’ve used straight 30 instead of 20/50. I’m not one to fuss over using special oils and had I had a tin of Morris’s 20/50 that would’ve gone in as normal but stocks were too low so straight 30 it is. I’m going to monitor the oil consumption because the Atlas does need regular top up’s and I wonder if having an oil that won’t go thinner than 30 might help out. The other benefit might be less strain on start up because the weight of the oil is thinner than 50. Let’s see.

Attention now has to move towards a triple if I am to meet my objectives. I had to order some bearings for someone else’s project so loaded up the order with all the stuff for three triples. It will all be with me next week so I can press on with getting a motor built.

Cylinder liner

Cylinder liner

I’ve also put out feelers for some replacement cylinder liners. The one in the picture is from an ’81 Jota but I am looking for RGS replacements which are something like 15mm shorter. I’d put the shorter liners (shortened by Laverda for better lubrication) in all triples including the Jota. I’m going this route as standard used pistons are easy to source so new liners might work out more cost effective. If a dealer doesn’t have stock then http://www.laystall.co.uk/ should be able to help – but don’t know costs yet.

I’ve also signed up for the ACU National Rally (http://www.nationalroadrally.co.uk/2015/index.php)  – got my lowest number yet at #46, hey that’s Rossi’s number isn’t it!

Nick 🙂

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