W/E 25th January 2015

Well the last couple of weeks have seen the Atlas settle into a rhythm where I can be pretty certain of achieving the daily 100 mile commute. Using the SAE 30 hasn’t reduced oil consumption which is around 1 lite per 500 miles – maybe that’s too high but I am running Lada rings in honed bores so I’m sure the seal won’t be as good as it could be. I think there is an advantage at this time of the year however with the mono-grade oil in that starting doesn’t require the inadequate starting arrangement to spin through oil as thick as treacle! So aside from cleaning the Atlas at the weekend all is well – next task will be a new chain and sprocket set as these are both worn beyond what most would regard reasonable.

Speedo drive gear

Speedo drive gear

The focus now has to turn to the triples and the RGA will be first up to hit the road. I managed to lever off the speedo gear for both the RGA and RGS and then set to cleaning up the wheels. I need to pop down the shops and get a fresh rawl bolt to drift out the wheel bearings but as these will be in the bin figure they can remain in during blasting. The RGA wheels are in a bad state with paint flaking off and the dreaded aluminum powder creeping along just beneath the surface.

These need a refurb'

These need a refurb’

While I was preping the RGA and RGS wheels I also pulled out a thick web for the Jota as this needs painting. It was interesting to compare the thick web to the RGA back wheel – the RGA/S wheels are more delicate which may have been an attempt to save weight or most likely to save money. The wheels are the same width but you can see end-to-end the lighter construction of the later wheels.

Neither are lightweight - Jota wheel closest to camera

Neither are lightweight – Jota wheel closest to camera

I’ve also been researching the best way to get my barrels returned to standard – SEP in Derby where recommended by Slater’s and they put in fresh liners and bore to size for £120 per pot. I’ve decided however to use a combination of www.westwoodcylinderliners.co.uk who will provide a cylinder at £87.50 each and then get them installed and bored at Paynes Engineering for £110 the set. The price is similar with the main advantages to me being I know Paynes and the work is done locally so any problems can be easily sorted. As a footnote I did read on the Laverdaforum that re-using pistons is a bad idea so fingers crossed my money saving idea doesn’t end up biting me in the arse!

Nick 🙂

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