W/E 8th February 2015

A week without a motorcycle. Not good but then it’s been the coldest week of winter thus far so I’m not that sore.

I have registered on-line and tried to complete the Notice of Vehicle Arrival (NOVA) form – the system was down so I shall have to persevere.

Worn bushes

Worn bushes

Down the garage on Saturday where I found that the starter motor wouldn’t turn over the engine because it was broken. The one that gave up at the side of the road has a broken connector to the stator. I dug out the original starter which had had a worn bush replaced in Scotland only to find the brushes worn. I will send both off to Cox Automotive Electrics U.K who’ve sorted them out in the past.

I had to commit the ultimate sin of robbing parts of the second Atlas to try and get my workhorse going. Robbing parts is a last resort because once started where does it end. Anyways the starter was filched but still no joy as the workhorse struggled to turn the motor over. What it did show however was that the bike was producing a spark and once the battery was charged it fired into life! Infact it fired into life better than with the old ignition but this is probably down to the worn starter motors. Tomorrow it will be back to commuting and it’ll give me the opportunity to compare the Sachse ignition with the standard Mk 1 setup.

With the Atlas battery on charge I took the time to start cleaning the RGA cylinder head. It’s covered in 100,000 miles worth of road muck but the good news is that the centre plug came out fine – my memory was that this thread was potentially crossed so probably running a thread chaser down it will sort this out. On Monday Mrs A will be taking this off to Paynes Engineering to be gone over ready for when the rest of the motor is sorted.

Nick 🙂

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