W/E 15th February 2015

No new pictures because this was a week out of the garage – Atlas just ran for the week with it’s replacement Mark 1 ignition. It was an opportunity to compare the standard setup with the Sachse unit – the Sachse wins. The standard ignition is okay with the bike starting up well but in some ways I put this down to the 20 amp battery. I do wonder how good it would’ve been with the standard battery and the cold mornings.

Anyways running showed how a modern ignition smooths out things because the Atlas now has a slight powerband as it flicks between retard and full advance. It’s crude but quite fun. The other thing I’ve noticed is that the engine hunts a bit on tickover. So my recommendation is get a Sachse ignition to smooth things out – I’ve also sent the busted Sachse back to Germany to see if it can be repaired…full report to follow once I hear.

The other replacement part was the starter motor I stole off my other Atlas. Starts the bike fine but it sounds a bit like the spag is slipping so the speed the engine turns over at is not as good as before – might be down to the old ignition but that doesn’t account for the noise. The good news is Cox Automotive have fixed both starters and they should be with me early next week.

On the subject of my second Atlas I have started the process of registering it in the UK. The on-line NOVA requirement didn’t work so I got the forms emailed to me and they’re in the post…let’s see how long HMRC take to get back to me.

I took my box of wheels and odds and sods to the blasting man and these should also be ready for collection on Monday so it’s all coming together…

Nick 🙂

PS Just when I thought it was safe I got a notice of intended prosecution from Hounslow Council over the parking ticket collected when the Atlas broke down – have to get my pen and quill out to lodge another appeal!

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