W/E 22nd February 2015

Frank Baur in North Africa

Frank Baur in North Africa

Well as an antidote to all the grey, wet and miserable weather in South East England I thought I’d start off with a picture of Frank in Africa on his Atlas. Some of us dream while others just get on with it hey…

Anyhow my dreaming has continued and that dream starts with keeping my Atlas running for daily commuting duties. Oil change on Monday saw fresh 20/50 back in the motor – will monitor oil consumption to see if it is better or worse than the straight 30. I did think the heavier 50 meant it didn’t spin over so quickly in the mornings?

A fresh start!

A fresh start!

Cox Automotive did a great turnaround and got both my starters refurbished and returned by Tuesday. I got the Atlas one fitted on Sunday which means I can return the second Atlas to ‘complete’. With the new starter the Atlas spun over a treat.

I also got a new speedo sensor for the Koso speedo and that was an easy fit – but as it’s chucking it down with rain we’ll have to wait and see tomorrow if that has fixed things.

No chain delivery meant the old chain had to be adjusted another 2 turns – it’s all looking pretty ragged but expect to run it for another week.

I did get to take the Atlas and Mrs A out for a spin on Saturday – just a 50 mile round trip to a country pile overlooking the Thames for a coffee and walk around but it was nice just the same to have some fun and not have to battle the traffic on the M4. Set my mind thinking about the summer and what this is all about.

Blasted wheels

Blasted wheels

Things are coming together for the triple. Picked up the shot blasted wheels and assorted tinware. Dropped the wheels off at the engineers to have some flats machined into the rims so the tyre valves seat properly for the tubeless running. Also dropped off a set on inlet valve stem seals for fitting – the head is almost done. Finally paid for the triple cylinder liners which will be with me next week and can then seriously think about assembly!

Roll on March!

Nick 🙂

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