W/E 29th March 2015

Woke up this week and discovered that having got customs clearance for the second Atlas getting it ready for the road is simple – just need to get it through the MOT (roadworthiness test) and send off the papers and sit back and wait for the registration number.

With this in mind spent a large part of Sunday going through the second Atlas checking out what needs fixing. The only thing that appears to be missing is a chainguard and off course for the roadworthiness test I can borrow this off the #1 bike. Similarly I will borrow the tyres (wheels) and an old chain from the 180 Jota that I took off many, many years ago (the 180 Jota has the same 106 link 530 chain),

Dropping the oil showed it has been laid up with fresh oil in the sump and I think I will just spin the engine with the plugs out to make sure there is oil round the engine before I try and fire it up.

The Welsh National Rally is looming up fast (1st week of May) and a concern is that should anything go wrong with #1 then I’ll be stuck. I can kind of live with failing at the final Scottish National Rally as happened last year but to fall at the first post of a ‘Three Nations Award’ is not acceptable.

Atlas #1 has given good service through the week – I’ve deliberately kept off the back brake (which retains the lockwired pad pin) and not worried about the lack of speedo or high beam LED spot but will have to step up and get these going for May. A reassuring thing is that in the 500 miles covered during the week oil consumption has been steady at 500ml – I can live with this so long as it keeps going.

Having to get the second Atlas out meant I had to wheel the little Turismo about – hmmmm not much to get this one going…

Nick 🙂

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