W/E 5th April 2015

Not too much to do...

Not too much to do…

So the recommissioning work on the second Atlas began in earnest. As I went through the bike it was kind of like opening the door into a room that had been locked for many years. I got a sense of when the bike was alive and maybe some of the ambitions and ways of the previous owner. Lucky for me the previous owner was far more meticulous than me, the bike hasn’t deviated much from stock in its 37,000 kms.

Old battery with aged strap - like a shipwreck on the beach...

Old battery with aged strap – like a shipwreck on the beach…

A tour round the bike with a dud battery showed the horn, starter and all the lights worked except for the rear brake light. – the front chimed in once the lever had been pumped a couple of times, like a bear waking up after months in hibernation. The brake light switch is missing a spade so a new switch has been ordered – aside from having to bleed the back brake to fit it the fix is simple. I also see that one of the screws for the rear light lens doesn’t tighten so if I don’t fix this it’ll soon be long gone. There was evidence that the loom had been tampered with on the top tube but everything had been taped neatly back together. I added a couple of cable ties to tidy things up a bit more and job done. Final modification was to fit a battery tray that I’d flattened out to take the larger Harley battery I’m running on Atlas #1. I expect to swop the battery between the two bikes so this’ll save a whooping £125 + mean I won’t have to concern myself with charging the battery while it just sits there.

On the carb there is an interesting modification to locate an additional spring to the choke mechanism (the single, standard spring isn’t up to the job unless everything is squeaky clean) but aside from this everything is as the book.

Little piece of tin to facilitate extra choke spring

Little piece of tin to facilitate extra choke spring

The brake pads are fine as is the silencer. So on Wednesday I think I have to just swop over the missing chainguard and rear wheel (current tyre illegal), mask the front light (dips the wrong way) and we should be good to go!

I have done some fiddling on Atlas #1 with an eye to the impending Welsh National Rally. I replaced the rear calipher with a spare – though this also shows signs on wear where the pin goes through the body. It has ‘clicked’ home but I have augmented this some bearing lock. I am also going to wire the pin just to be sure. On the front end I have ordered up an FZR 750 disc and arranged to borrow a spacing plate so I can get one made up to locate the front calipher correctly. Finally I started to look at the tangle of old wire which runs the speedo and lights. My remaining problem is getting the front high beam LED back on track. I think this is an earth issue. Still have a few weeks before the flag drops so let’s see…

Nick 🙂

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