W/E 12th April 2015

She's a runner!

She’s a runner!

I’d hoped to have Atlas #2 through its roadworthiness test but a broken brake light switch meant it had to be rolled over to next Thursday. No matter as it gave me more time to look the bike over more thoroughly which is no bad thing because once it’s on the road it’ll have to look after itself!

Atlas #2 burst in to life! Had it all wired up but no joy, plug showed no petrol so swopped over to the spare carb’ and bingo! Engine sounds good only minor problem is a tickover of up to 2,000 rpm – probably just needs running. It is a shame I had to take off the original carb’ and I will clean it up and check over the jets. It will be interesting to see if it’s got the bigger main jets. The interesting point of the carb’ was the choke. The extra spring makes a big difference in terms of the action and using the standard choke lever you can select different set openings. As with all my Atlas’s it starts with plenty of choke and no throttle.

Additional choke spring makes a difference

Additional choke spring makes a difference

Getting the Atlas to run was not the main concern – this has been getting the back brake light to work. I got sent the wrong replacement switch so a root around in a box of secondhand RGS spares found me a unit that works. The unit being sent isn’t as per the original as these aren’t available so finding this old part meant I didn’t have to change the wiring to fit. I was surprised (and pleased) at how easily the back brake pumped up. I thought I might have to remove the calipher to get it sitting lower for bleeding.

Missing spade required replacement.

Missing spade required replacement.

Atlas #1 hasn’t been totally ignored. I got a set of Yamaha FZR 750 discs off ebay and picked up a spacer plate to relocate the calipher.

Original disc next to FZR 750 replacement and mounting plate

Original disc next to FZR 750 replacement and mounting plate

I used the borrowed mounting plate to have a few knocked up. The difference between my plate and the original is I’m using 6mm thickness as opposed to the rather unusual 7mm supplied. I don’t think it will compromise the safety of the unit and it may stop the spokes hitting the calipher as they flex under load whilst cornering – apparently it shaves the back of the calipher. I hope to have this fitted during the week once I have had a chance to check out the calipher to make sure none of the pistons are seized (my theory as to why the existing disc got warped).

Nick 🙂

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